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TLS WindRider X-Treme

Help support Hovercraft Rescue


X-Treme Team


HoverShare Member

A Portion of Profit assists Rescue Efforts & RFKC

Includes X-Treme Discount Cards

Receive discounts

When you make purchases from our growing number of business sponsors

Support rescue efforts

TLS WindRider X-Treme Club places volunteer hovercrafts and hoverpilots

In flood victim areas

Assist with ice rescue

And much more

Sponsor RFKC

An organization that provides  Free Summer Camp to foster kids

All for only $25.00/$50.00 per year

Purchase your WindRider X-Treme Team or HoverShare Membership now

X-Treme Offers
Referring Member ID# Optional

X-Treme Discount Card

Contact us

To learn more about the

WindRider X-Treme Discount Card

WindRider X-Treme Adventures

30 Minute Adventure


X-Treme Flying Lesson

30 Minute hands on flying lesson

Ice fishing in style

Ice fishing in style and safety

Fly to your favorite ice fishing spot shut it off stay in the hover and don't worry about breaking through stay warm and dry with a winter enclosure

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